So Delicious, It Ought To Be Illegal

The Germans have a wonderful language. As I understand it, whenever they need a new word, they just keep mashing existing words together until you have this mouthful-and-a-half that sums up a complicated concept. And as a result, they have words for almost everything. (Plus, it’s almost impossible to speak German without sounding like you’re furious.)

One of the more delightful German words I know is “schadenfreude.” It’s that thrill you get at someone else’s misfortune. It’s behind that laugh we all feel bubble up when we see someone take a pratfall. It’s what made me want to fall over guffawing when it turned out one of Hillary Clinton’s top fundraisers was a wanted fugitive, on the lam for about 15 years. It’s at the core of nearly every dumb criminal story, every tale of a politician caught exhibiting hypocrisy.

And it is at the core of my sheer and utter delight as I poke through this comment thread at Daily Kos.

For those not interested in wading in, it’s a long discussion of how George W. Bush has ruined their personal relationships. Well, if they were honest, they’d admit it’s actually how their hatred of George W. Bush has become so all-consuming, it’s ruined their personal relationships. It’s like a case study, a huge stack of anecdotal evidence to back up the whole “Bush Derangement Syndrome” notion.

I suppose a better person would instead feel sorry for these people, and hope they get the help they need.

Too bad I’m not a better person.


(Hat tip: John Hawkins at Right Wing News, via Good Lt. at The Jawa Report)

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