Blogworld News

I had been looking forward to Blogworld for over a year now, but found out recently that I will not be able to attend because the only time we were able to schedule my daughter’s upcoming surgery was that same week. I especially hate that I will miss seeing Kevin and participating in the Weblog Awards, and that I will miss out on meeting Hugh Hewitt and Michael Yon and many of my other favorite bloggers I have not had a chance to meet in person yet. In addition to so many of my favorite bloggers who will be attending, there will also be quite a few there from the left and from non-political blogs. Rick Calvert has lots of Blogworld news posted on the website, most recent of which is the announcement that Mark Cuban will be giving the closing keynote. Unfortunately, “Arianna’s people” called to say she was cancelling her Blogworld appearance.

Kim adds: I feel your pain Lorie. I, too, was really looking forward to going to Blogworld for the same reasons, but I will be missing it as well because, well, I’ll be nine months pregnant, which means traveling from Northern Michigan to Las Vegas is out of the question.

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