A “WTF?” Weekend

I think I fell through the looking-glass or slipped into a mirror universe this weekend — and it was a scary experience.

First, Bill Clinton did something that made me want to stand up and cheer. When confronted with one of those blithering “9/11 Troooth” idiots, he told them off in no uncertain terms.

Then, the very liberal Representative Tom Lantos (D-CA, as if that wasn’t redundant) tells Europe a very unpleasant truth about themselves, smacking certain elitist fops upside the head.

Then Laura Bush goes to Saudi Arabia, poses in a Hijab, and comes home to defend the practice of keeping women in tailored Hefty bags as a “right” and “custom.”

Then word comes out that FEMA — who apparently missed the good old days of being mocked and loathed and slapped around — decided to turn their otherwise-decent performance with the California wildfires into yet another excuse to question their competence (as well as sanity) by staging a fake news conference, with employees posing as reporters and asking questions that “softball” is simply too soft a term.

Then the Boston Red Sox — perennial losers who just broke an 87-year-old “curse” and won the World Series four years ago — swept the Colorado Rockies to win it AGAIN.

Then (and Paul e-mailed me this one) Yahoo! News publishes this photo from Agence France Press. (I’m including a screen cap he made in the extended section.) Here’s the complete caption:

A US airman with a machine gun in Indian Springs. Burglars in the United States could once sue homeowners if they were shot, but now a growing number of states have made it legal to shoot to kill when somebody breaks into a house(AFP/Getty Images/File/Ethan Millar)

The photo was posted in connection with this article, about how more and more states are passing “shoot first” laws allowing homeowners to defend their homes from intruders, instead of having to “duty to retreat” from criminals.

The idiocy of the article itself probably deserves a full posting, but it’s just stupid and wrong — not plumb crazy, and that’s the theme here.

Just what is the message here? “If a burglar breaks into your home, the US Air Force will send a guy with a machine gun to kill him for you?” Paul’s theory is that it’s an anti-gun statement, but I think it’s just too damned bizarre to present such a coherent message.

They say “life begins at 40,” and I just hit that landmark last week. But if this is what real life is like, I wish I’d pulled a Jack Benny and stayed 39.


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