WTF Technorati?

Today we got our first trackback spam from Technorati…

A new TrackBack has been posted on your blog Wizbang, on entry #24468 (Business News Update).

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Title: disney pixar cars toys
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A site that made its name and fortune indexing the blogosphere is now infested with sploggers. Technorati apparently could resist the urge to be a content provider in addition to its aggregation role so they rolled out Twitter like mini-blog functionality for Technorati users under the name Where’s The Fire.

I went to go see “the fire” via the trackback and a found spam blog (splog) link. Hoping that it was an aberration I went to go see the main WTF page. I can tell you that it was no aberration. That place is a sploggy craptacular from top to bottom. Every two-bit link huckster around is pumping that well.

Technorati’s heart can’t really be in this WTF stuff if they would allow it to become such a cesspool, right?

It’s time for Technorati to euthanize WTF.

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