Code Pink: down, but still out of their minds

As Eli Lake noted in The New York Sun, the entire “anti-war” movement, including Code Pink, has effectively abandoned any idea of forcing troop withdrawals from Iraq any time soon. Even the staunchly “anti-war” Democratic Presidential candidates have backtracked, realizing public disaffection with the war had more to do with doubts about winning than a desire to just quit.

Code Pink isn’t backing off their disruptive tactics in the Congress, though. Notice in the following video how they “protest.”

UPDATE: The embed doesn’t appear to be working – here’s the link to the video.

These people represent a security threat. They are obviously unbalanced kooks and, sooner or later, one of them is going to something even more stupid than usual, and someone will get hurt. As John Hinderaker observed at Power Line, if the Capitol Police haven’t figured out by now that a bunch of women with pink shirts, fake blood on their hands, and wild looks in their eyes are only there to disrupt the proceedings, we have a serious security deficiency.

Whether you “like” Condi Rice or not is completely irrelevant. She is the Secretary of State, and should never be placed at such risk. If the Capitol Police cannot perform their duties more effectively, Cabinet members should begin testifying before Congressional committees via video feeds.

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