While San Diego Burns I Warily Watch


I haven’t had much time to blog about the fires in San Diego as I’ve been busy tracking down and keeping in touch with my family who have now all evacuated their homes. My dad said the Harris fire burring on Mt San Miguel last night looked like a volcano. Everyone in my family is OK, but I don’t have any information on my Mom’s home. She’s staying with friends in La Jolla and my Dad and stepmother were headed to my stepsister’s house in Mission Valley.

My lifelong friends who still live in the area are, to the best of my knowledge, still OK. Given the number of people I know in the area, I’m fairly certain that the odds are increasingly long that all have escaped property damage. In times like this though the only thing that matters is health and safety. In that I know that my extended Southern California family is fine and they’ll make it through this crisis.

If time permits tomorrow I’ll cover this more, but in the meantime the worst may be over. Of course given the fact that most of the fires are at most 10% contained (and several are 0%) the good news is only as solid as tomorrows weather forcast…

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