Why I’ll Never Be A Top-Tier Leftie Blogger

Every now and then I look at N.Z. Bear’s ecosystem of blogs and wonder why we aren’t ranked higher, And every now and then I’m reminded that simply ranking high over there doesn’t mean squat.

Case in point: the deranged, hypocritical, psychopathic dipshits at the all-too-appropriately-named “Crooks And Liars.” Here’s their little formula for a smash posting:

1) Note that a lot of people they don’t like are upset over the words of a Congressman spoken on the House floor.

2) Concoct a poll of the readership about whether said Congressman should apologize for the comments, but quote a DIFFERENT PART OF THE SPEECH THAT HAS PEOPLE SO UPSET and omit the section that is the actual source of the controversy.

3) When called out, go on a frantic comment-deleting binge to get rid of the inconvenient truths. (My particular favorite rationale for the censorship is this one: [Deleted. Don’t expect this site to pay for the bandwidth for you to criticise it. Move on-Sitemonitor] If I EVER pulled that kind of bullshit, here, I suspect Kevin would fire me — and if he didn’t, he should.)

4) When you can’t contain the shitstorm any further, announce that the missed quote was a “coding error,” then yell and and censor anyone who says it might not have been an innocent mistake.

Lord knows I’ve made my share of mistakes. Some big, some small, some gob-smackingly huge. In each case, though, I’ve tried to do what I thought was the right thing: own up to them, thank those who caught it, and fixed it. I’ve never tried to conceal them, never accosted those who spotted my errors (no matter how snotty they were about it, or how acrimonious our prior dealings have been), and never gone on an editing and deleting spree to cover it up.

Maybe I should, though, if that’s part of the magic formula for blogging success.

OK, let’s get serious for a moment. The more I think about it, I suspect the original screwup was inadvertent. The author, John Amato, quoted what he thought was the most inflammatory part of Stark’s speech without actually reading or listening to the people who were upset about it. From there on, though, “good faith” goes right out the window, defenestrated by arrogance and egotism and an absolutely pathological need to be “right” despite the seventeen metric assloads of proof to the contrary. The guy just couldn’t find the stones to say “I screwed up” — and considering how quickly he was being followed by the slavering hordes, I can’t really say I blame him for deciding to continue riding the tiger.

But he’s still an asshole.

Update: Gee, comments are closed on that entry. Why didn’t I see that coming?

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