Well, that helps explain it…

About a month ago, I wrote about a New Hampshire family in a bit of legal trouble. The father had discovered that his 15-year-old daughter had had sex with her 17-year-old boyfriend, and confronted the boy at the school — “confronted” meaning “beat the crap out of,” leaving him bruised and needing stitches. The father was charged with assault, and later the boy was charged with statutory rape.

It turns out now that the girl — naturally scared at being caught — had told her parents that the boy had forced her to have sex. Only after her father was tossed in the clink and the boy was stitched up did she finally admit she had been a willing participant.

I tend to be a law-and-order sort of guy, but in this case I think that the best interests of justice would be served if all the charges were dropped. The boy did have sex with a minor, but he got the snot beaten out of him by her father. The father did assault the boy, but he was provoked — and acting as most any father would, in similar circumstances. And the girl has to live with the knowledge that she got her boyfriend beat up and her father arrested — and I bet neither is in an overly forgiving mood. Plus, with both the boy’s name and her father’s name public now, she’s gotta be severely humiliated.

We have enough real problems going on in New Hampshire right now. Our courts have far more important issues to address than this silliness.

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