The New York Times’ Employment Test

Take The New York Times‘ Employee Entrance Exam over at The Nose On Your Face. Proficiency at writing fiction preferred; the ability to ignore inconvenient facts required.

My favorite question:

10. Karl Rove leaves Washington DC in an over-sized, gas guzzling SUV traveling west at 1:30pm EST. Meanwhile, Donald Rumsfeld departs from San Francisco heading east in a fully armed Blackhawk helicopter that receives even more dreadful gas mileage at 2:25pm PST. Assuming there is a 15 mph wind blowing north to east, where will they meet up to plot the rape and destruction of yet another defenseless Third World country populated entirely by brown-skinned people?

This, and the rest, at the link above. Don’t miss the “True or Not False” questions, either . . .

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