Truth Will Out

One of the tougher things about being an amateur armchair analyst is separating what I WANT, what I BELIEVE, and what I KNOW. For example, I WANT my senator, John E. Sununu, to be re-elected. I BELIEVE he will be defeated. But I don’t KNOW what will happen.

In that vein, we have yet more interesting news out of Israel’s raid on Syria. It now turns out that the United Nations has published some pretty damning statements by Syrian officials that make it damned clear that the facility struck was, indeed, a heretofore-covert nuclear facility.

Or maybe not. The UN, once it realized that people were actually reading their reports and this one had a considerable bit of inconvenient honesty — so they tried to retract it and delete the accidental truth. But nothing ever goes away on the internet, so now they’re saying that it was an “error in translation.”

So, do we now KNOW that Syria was working on nuclear weapons? No. But I BELIEVE that they were — and every time we turn around, there is more and more and more evidence indicating that.

And not one thing has so far contradicted my wild-ass guessing about the whole mess ten days ago… and I’m still waiting for my fine colleague to update this piece.

Or, as one of HIS peers might say, “Why hasn’t this lying liar admitted his pack of dishonest lies?”

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