The Joys of Socialized Medicine

If Hillary gets her way with her big government solution to health care, then American fathers could experience this as well. A mom-to-be in Britain was turned away twice from her NHS hospital when she was experiencing serious contractions because the hospital was too full, so dad had to deliver his own baby at home. At least in Canada, the moms get shipped to America in those situations. In Britain, you’re on your own:

During a difficult pregnancy, Elizabeth Jones was monitored every day because doctors were worried about the health of her baby.

But on the day of the birth, she was twice turned away from the hospital because it was full – forcing her partner to deliver the baby himself at their home.

Miss Jones, 24, and her partner Anthony Jones – who coincidentally share the same surname – dashed to their local maternity unit when she started to have strong contractions.

However, their excitement at the prospect of the birth soon turned to horror when staff on the ward told them: “Sorry we are full. Come back later.”

Medics at the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend, near Cardiff, insisted the baby would not arrive for hours and suggested the couple go and have a cup of coffee while they tried to free up a bed.

Three hours later, they returned to the hospital when Miss Jones’s contractions became more frequent.

This time she was given a thorough examination by a midwife who confidently sent them away for the second time, telling them the baby was still “hours away”.

Once again, the frustrated couple headed back to their home in Bridgend. But within minutes Miss Jones felt the baby arriving.

Her partner’s 17-year-old daughter Kirsty called 999 and relayed instructions, as he delivered the baby himself on October 12 at 11am.

Thank goodness everything went well. It could have been catastrophic. Dad comments:

“It’s worrying that the only maternity hospital for miles around had to turn us away twice just while Elizabeth was in the last stages of labour.

“You hear so much about the NHS being under pressure but you would think that maternity would be a priority. Many things can wait for a later appointment – but never a baby.

“It’s very worrying that they haven’t got the facilities to do the job properly when you want it.

He added: “They need more beds and at least another ward at the hospital. We’ve been told that it’s always getting full there. We turned out to be fine – the next family may not be so lucky.”

No kidding. And what did the hospital administration have to say for itself?

A spokesman for the hospital said: “The maternity unit from time to time experiences peaks in demand and during the last 12 months we have seen an increase in births at the Princess of Wales Hospital.

“We can confirm that it was necessary for this unit to close recently for a short time to new maternity admissions due to the unit reaching full capacity.”

How impersonal. No need for apologies when the government has a complete monopoly on the health care industry.

Hat tip: Hot Air

Added: On a strictly personal note, I’m about six weeks away from giving birth to our third baby. If I were in Elizabeth Jones’ situation and were to go into labor and my hospital were to turn me away because it was too full, oh boy, the baby and I would be in big, big trouble. My tailbone sticks too far into my pelvis, preventing me from giving birth to any baby vaginally, which means the only way my babies get into this world is by cesarean section. Needless to say, you can’t do home C-Sections, at least not successfully. Our outcome would be tragic, I’d say. Thank God I live in America where access to health care is plentiful. At least for now.

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