New York Times outs investigation into jihadist

Despite warnings not to publish his real name, The New York Times has outed an al Qaeda sympathizing blogger with possible ties to a Somalian terror ring. Rusty Shackleford reports at The Jawa Report:

Michael Moss of the New York Times has outted Inshallashaheed, the al Qaeda supporting blogger who we’ve been investigating for over a year. I’ve been sitting on his true identity for months, but in one fell swoop Samir ibn Zafar Khan, who lives in Charlotte North Carolina, has been identified.

Thanks a lot to Michael Moss and the New York Times for blowing an ongoing investigation into a known al Qaeda sympathizer who lives here in the United States. I’ve known about this piece for a few weeks and wrote the NY Times to ask Moss not to run it. No reply from the Times.

While we appreciate Moss’s commitment to spreading the word about the Internet Jihad, we really wish he would have consulted with us on the matter. He has a right to out Inshallahshaheed as Samir Khan, but doing so has jeopardized an ongoing investigation into a terror ring which begins in the US and ends in Somalia.

Read the rest at the link above. While this is hardly the worst breach of national security by the NYT in recent years, it does tend to confirm their inclination to tip off terrorists as to their being watched, and how it may be happening.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit for pointing to this story.

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