We're Just Waiting For The Hammer To Fall

Well, the new comments policy has claimed its first victim. But it wasn’t an execution. It wasn’t even euthenasia. It was suicide.

“gop wide stance/rumors on the internets” posted — the the best of my knowledge — five total comments today. I’m including them in the extended section, along with links to the full context.

He gets to go play somewhere else now, instead.

I’d ask for a moment of silence, but I strongly suspect far too many people won’t be able to stop giggling long enough.

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1. The pitiable and bleating and whining in this post, along w/ the pathetic attempts to insult, by an author and his crew of salivating Pavlov puppies is laughable to all save the misfit delusional inmates of Wizassylum.

Not since the demise of the “flat-earthers” and the “witch-dunkers,” has there ever been such a collection of extremists, that for the good of mankind, should be lobotomized, lest they pose a danger to humanity

2. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before any of your crop of Rethuglican heroes could ever win A Nobel Prize.

When will extreme reactionary right wing Kooks wake up & smell the coffee? You are at odds w/ 98% of the rest of the world.


“how arrogant your ego is to think that man, a creation of GOD, can destroy the earth, another creation of GOD”

One would have thought that “flat Earth” and “witchcraft” beliefs had been left in the ashcan of 18th century thought.

4. (This one is almost germane to the discussion.) “The sharply-reduced budget deficit is a function of three things:”

(1)it is Javitz” and GOP pure unadulterated BullShit and a willful lie.

The truth is it’s $186,000,000,000 bigger than this deceitful propaganda.

It is $78 billion in spent SS surplus for the current fiscal year, replaced w/ an IOU, not counted in the phoney-baloney Bush figures


Another $108 billion in interest to the SS Trust Fund for the already IOU-ed $2,000,000,000,000 (trillion) that Bush has “borrowed” from past SS surpluses, replaced w/ IOU’s and the $108 billion in current interest is another IOU.

That means that the current $163 billion deficit is in reality $186 billion larger, for a total deficit of $349 billion.

This is the kind of slight-of-hand that the Reklepticans and their toadies like to lie about to the American public.

Javitz, your style of economics would have merited you a position as CFO for Enron.


So, you had to go to the slimey Malkin to drum up more of your hate. Just what is the validity of this alleged email?

And your Freepers have already been unmasked as LIARS as well as that Philopino shrew..

It’s amazing the scum level the righties are willing to sink to because they can’t stand that Graeme put a human face on the right’s complete lack of humanitarian concern.

Try “Uncompassionate Conservatives.” It certainly fits.

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