Listening – We Should All Try It

Thanks for your patience. I have not blogged all that much recently, for several reasons. On the one hand, I have been busy getting my car repaired and handling work, family, and school, all of which have been demanding of late. A small medical issue also came up, but nothing worth mentioning now. But along the way, I spent some time listening to people, and I was disappointed to realize that I had been out of practice on that count. Two ears, one mouth and all that, yet I kept forgetting that the ability to say something did not mean I necessarily had anything worthwhile to say. But it also occurs to me that this is the primary problem of all our self-obsessed elected officials in D.C.; they are great at communicating, in so far as that means making sure we hear what they are saying, but there’s not many at all in that fine city that remember they might want to listen to us common folk. We are, after all, ‘common’, which is a detriment in the mind of the professional canardist, and so disqualifies us from any right to be heard, much less the consideration that we might have some perspective of worth. Not a single one of our elite field of Presidential candidates in either party strikes me as interested in the slightest about what the majority of Americans think. Not one.

Well, that’s it for now. Right now, I’m interested in what you think, so I’m listening. It’s something we could all do to practice.

Outage Over
Open Mouth, Insert Foot