Affair Allegation Rocks Edwards Campaign


Could the net doom netroots favorite John Edwards? Is he the 2008 version of Gary Hart? Well Google offers a tantalizing tidbit of extra information on The National Enquirer’s story about an alleged affair the very married John Edwards had with an unknown woman. Among the interesting pieces on information in the Enquirer piece:

“The affair started about 18 months ago,” a friend says the woman confessed to her. “When they met at a bar, sparks flew immediately.

Now in what appeared to be an unrelated piece at Huffington Post Sam Stein has been investigating the mysterious disappearance of a series of webisodes which has Edwards supporters in particular absolutely loosing their shitFishbowlLA points to the one remaining webisode which is every bit as dull as one would expect…

That lead to an interesting discovery in an old Newsweek on the webisodes.

The Webisodes are the brainchild of Rielle Hunter, a filmmaker who met Edwards at a New York bar where Edwards was having a business meeting. “I didn’t think it was John Edwards,” Hunter recalls, “because the public persona did not mesh at all with the person who was sitting in front of me.” Hunter pitched Edwards on the documentaries as a medium for bringing the “real John Edwards” to the people.

The previously unknown Hunter (who previously went by Lisa Druck) was paid over $100,000 by Edward’s OneAmericaCommittee in 2006 (coincidentally matching the 18 month time frame of The National Enquirer story) to follow Edwards around the country. How convenient, no?

Now where there’s smoke there’s not necessarily fire, but anyone even remotely familiar with Edwards has to have wondered at some point about his pairing with wife Elizabeth. A looks mismatch like that usually involves a family fortune on the wife’s side… Throw in cancer and kids and you’ve got a made for tabloid story just waiting to explode.

Mickey Kaus has more speculation on the potential fallout from the Breck Girl’s Girl Affair.

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