An Overdue Link and More Catching Up

I meant to link to Stop the ACLU’s Video History of the ACLU Part VI about four days ago, but let it slip between the cracks. In fact, since I have had such a hard time finding the time to blog lately I have not linked to STACLU nearly as often as it deserves. I scrolled down the site to find the post linked above and had to go through quite a few pages of posts before I found it and it was only posted a few days ago. There is just a lot of good stuff there so when you have a minute go check it out.

I missed the debate this afternoon because I was working, but did see Chris Matthews on the Today show this morning being questioned about his comment regarding the criminality of this administration. It was just about the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. A truly lame explanation. After seeing that I don’t know whether or not I could have stood watching him moderate the debate anyway.

One more thing, since I am catching up here — I owe Paul Hooson a post on the new television season, but for those just wanting a quick list of recommendations, here are a few: Journeyman on NBC is one of my favorites, along with Moonlight on CBS. I also like Chuck on NBC. I tried to watch Bionic Woman, but missed the first part and just couldn’t get into it. The new season of Prison Break is just not nearly as good as the last couple, but the new season of Desperate Housewives is every bit as good. I especially like Bree’s new competition in the homemaker department. The show I am most addicted to right now and do not miss (I actually DVR a couple of different showings of each episode just to be sure I don’t miss them) is Damages (on FX) with Glenn Close and Ted Danson. That show just grabs you and doesn’t let go. I have seen every episode and it just gets better and better and keeps you guessing all the way. I guess it is one of those mini-series type deals like Starter Wife (which I also loved) so I assume that when it is over, it is over. If you have not been watching it I highly recommend watching the DVD when it comes out.

As for watching series that you might have missed, if you didn’t see this season of The Closer, Saving Grace , Monk, Psych or The Dead Zone, catch them on the reruns. They were all really good — especially The Closer. If you wonder how I can watch all this television, the answer is DVR. I DVR everything now and watch it late at night when the house is quiet and often watch them in the background when I am working on my computer. I would love to hear recommendations on the shows I have not seen. I have been meaning to catch the new Kelsey Grammar comedy, but haven’t yet. Would love to hear reviews if anyone has any.

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