"It Takes Two Thieves To Make An Honest Deal"

I do not believe it.

It was bad enough that one of Hillary Clinton’s biggest advisors was someone who had forfeited his law license over lying under oath in a federal court case.

I thought it had hit bottom when it turned out that one of her biggest fundraisers was also a convicted felon and wanted fugitive.

Now we find out that one of her major advisors on national security has no security clearance — he lost it after being convicted of stealing and destroying classified documents.

I believe I have a new theory on where the Rose Law Firm billing records were for all those years they were subpoenaed, but Hillary couldn’t find them — and it’s not a pretty one.

I also feel like reviving a certain old game involving popular catchphrases and adding to them. “If you only knew the power of the Dark Side… in Sandy Berger’s pants!” “Here’s looking at you, kid… in Sandy Berger’s pants!” “Tomorrow is another day — in Sandy Berger’s pants!” “I found the golden ticket.. in Sandy Berger’s pants!”

I know the Democrats claim ownership of the phrase “culture of corruption,” but do you think they’ll let the Republicans borrow it just for this case?

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