A Bunch Of Unfounded Theories And Rampant Speculation

You know, I’m beginning to see why there are so many of the 9/11 troothers out there. Stringing together a bunch of facts, factoids, and crackpot theories is FUN. But unlike those ninnies, who have to overcome a bunch of facts and people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about, when you speculate about the Israeli raid on Syria, there are no such restraints. So, lifting from a wide variety of sources, here’s one way it could all have gone down:

Iran has gotten impatient with its development of its own nuclear weapon. At about the same time, North Korea has decided it’s time to play the “retreat” side of the “cheat and retreat” negotiation tactic (one that served Saddam well for about a decade), and they want to get rid of their nuclear weapons materiel right quick. So they cut a deal: the Norks will turn over to Iran a sizable amount of their stuff, including a bomb.

Iran’s a bit leery — remember, the one time the Norks tried to pull of a nuclear test, their bomb was a bit of a dud — but agrees. However, they know that a ship travelling from North Korea to Iran will draw all kinds of attention. So they decide to go through a third country: Syria.

Syria is no stranger to this sort of thing. After all, just before the US invasion, they took a lot of truckloads of Saddam’s stuff across their borders. And just before the first Gulf War, Iran took in a sizable chunk of the Iraqi Air Force — they just never bothered to return it.

So the Norks cram all their nuclear stuff on to a ship, and send it off to Syria. On the way, they change its flag from North Korean to South Korean — but Israeli intelligence is still wise to the scheme. They keep a careful eye on things.

The ship docks in Syria, and the cargo is unloaded and shipped out to a (not-so) secret base in the Syrian desert. Then, once it’s safely away from populated regions, Israel strikes. They not only bomb the hell out of the place, but they land troops and capture the warhead.

Israel keeps quiet. They know precisely what they did; they don’t feel the need to brag.

North Korea goes apeshit. They cut a deal with Iran, and Israel has wrecked it.

Iran shouts angry denunciations. They were on the verge of getting a bomb (even a defective one), and the Israelis busted the deal.

Syria lodges a very mild protest. They didn’t tell Iran and North Korea that there was a chance the bomb was taken; at first, they thought it was destroyed. Only after the fact did they discover it was missing.

So now Israel has in its possession concrete evidence of a whole bunch of things that large portions of the world doesn’t want to admit:

  1. North Korea has developed and exported a nuclear weapon.
  2. Syria possessed and was in the process of transferring a nuclear weapon.
  3. Iran was on the verge of obtaining a nuclear weapon


Toss in the fact that a detailed analysis of the bomb — design and material — will indisputably point to the origin of the bomb, and not even the UN Security Council can keep a lid on the story.

And just in case we need any more explanations for why Syria is being so quiet, consider this:

  • The argument against the US using targeted assassinations against enemy leaders has been “we don’t want the other side to do the same.”
  • Syria has been doing just that sort of thing in Lebanon — targeted assassinations of political leaders who oppose their occupation of Lebanon.
  • Israel has repeatedly buzzed Dorktator Bashar Al-Assad’s home and offices in Damascus.
  • Israel has just proven that it can fly its planes pretty much anywhere over Syria with impunity.

Bashar Assad has to know that Israel sent him a bunch of messages with this strike — and one of the loudest has to be “you continue to live and rule only by our sufferance.”

Of course, this is all just crazy talk. I have not one shred of proof to back up any of it. But it does tend to fit the known facts of the situation, and it explains what little info we do have.

If anyone can cite anything that puts a dent into any of it, I’d be most curious to see/hear it. And Iprivate message to Miss Cleo) just saying “that’s just a bunch of neocon warmongering” doesn’t cut it.

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