I'm Still Not Questioning His Patriotism

Last April, I wrote a piece about Representative John Murtha where I did not question his patriotism. I went to great lengths to question a hell of a lot of things about Murtha, but I did not question his patriotism.

Well, I’m still not questioning his patriotism. But I’m getting closer.

Last week, Code Pink conducted an attack on a United States Marine Corps recruiting station in Berkeley, California. They accused the recruiters of lying and “assasinating” (I guess their fundraising has slacked off; that might be why they had to stage this stunt, and explain why they couldn’t afford that fourth “s” in their sticker). And they said they are not only proud of their crimes, but intend to continue.

Now I’m not going to call on Murtha to introduce a resolution condemning Code Pink. I’d like him to, because while Congress is debating these stupid pointless measures, they’re not getting into more mischief, but I don’t expect that from him.

But I wonder if anyone’s suggested that he might want to return the “Pink Badge Of Courage” he proudly accepted and wore from the whackjobs at Code Pink last year.

Murtha isn’t the only Congresscritter who’s cozied up to Code Pink in the past. SOMEONE had to give them the passes they’ve used to enter and disrupt congressional hearings and other events. Representative Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) has done so in the past.

I’ll be curious to see there’s any fallout from this attack on the recruiting station.

Sadly, I expect not.

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