W. L. Wilbury: Lying Scumbag Democrats

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The lying, weaselly Democrats are at it again. They’re pushing their lie that President Bush vetoed the S-CHIP (State CHildren’s Health Insurance Program) bill last week. What they don’t tell you is that the bill wasn’t just a renewal of the plan, but a radical expansion of the program.

The bill didn’t just keep the program going. It expanded it by 50%, and would have covered “poor” families that make up to three times the poverty level.

Also, the lying, thieving Democrats don’t want you to know that about 40% of the kids who would qualify for insurance paid for by you and me already have insurance.

The whole idea here is simple: they want to kill the private insurance industry and make us all dependent on the government for our health and well-being. This is just the first part of the plan.

First, provide health insurance for poor kids. Who can argue against that?

Then, push it for more and more kids. Because why should we trust parents to take care of their kids, even though they have been doing it all along, when we can get Big Brother to take care of it?

Then, once most kids and most poor people are being taken care of by the government, keep pushing up what makes someone “poor” until more and more people are under the control of the government.

This is no big secret. It was the evil idea at the core of Shrillary Clinton’s health care program back in the 90’s, and Shrillary Care 2.0 looks like more of the same.

You can’t believe a single word from the lying, deceitful, power-craving Democraps. When they say they want to “help” you, they’re not offering you a hand up — they’re giving you a crutch. And they’re going to keep a string on that crutch that they can yank whenever you get too uppity — or they just feel like it.

It’s a trap. Don’t fall for it.

And if you do, don’t whine when you don’t like the leash you’re wearing. You put it on yourself.

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