Business News Update

Economic Growth

The country’s services sector grew in September for the 54th consecutive month. Services account for 80% of all economic activity. Services growth in September was a bit slower than August, but well above the expansion/contraction line. The nation’s manufacturing sector also grew in September.

Crackdown on Employers of Illegal Immigrants

A Clinton-nominated federal trial judge extended a preliminary injunction issued by another Clinton-nominated trial judge against the Bush administration’s extra-legislative crackdown on employers of illegal immigrants.

What’s your opinion about those rulings, Ross Perot?

In any event, obviously this issue eventually will wind up before the United States Supreme Court. Presumably during its 2008-2009 term. Time will tell, but it’s relatively-safe to presume we’ll see a 5-4 or perhaps a 4-4-1 decision upholding that administrative crackdown.

If non-voting conservatives elect ObamaHillary, however, that whole topic will become moot.

Blowin’ in the Wind

The State of Texas conducted its first open auction for leases to offshore wind farms. The winning bid was submitted by Wind Energy Systems Technology.

BTW, these next-generation windmills apparently are the real deal. Wind power no longer is a pipe dream.


President Bush vetoed that socialized medicine spending bill. There aren’t enough votes in the House to override.

On the healthcare front the stakes in next year’s presidential election could not be clearer. Hell, even Pat Buchanan would be able to comprehend.

The Wall

The mayors of three Texas-Mexico border cities — Brownsville, Del Rio, and El Paso — have been denying access to federal workers assigned to survey municipal land for construction of that much-ballyhooed border fence — for which the prior Congress voted and appropriated $1.2 billion.

Who even knew we had local governments?

On a serious note, that fence kerfuffle will be interesting to track. For similar reasons why train wrecks are interesting to watch.

Ve Hav Vays Uv Mayking Vu Tawk

I got a kick out of this AP article:

A federal judge denied a request Wednesday by more than two dozen workers at one of NASA’s research labs to block a Bush administration directive requiring background checks and access to personal information.

* * *
‘I don’t want to see these employees hurt . . . but I want the security of this nation preserved,’ U.S. District Judge Otis Wright said Monday. ‘I don’t want any [terrorist] sleepers infiltrating NASA or JPL.’

Wow, who even knew national security was an issue in this country? Go figure.


A 2004 presidential directive ordered every government agency to step up security to their facilities and computer systems by issuing new identification badges to employees. To obtain the new ID cards, workers have to be fingerprinted, undergo a background check and sign a waiver allowing federal investigators access to personal information.

We’ve come a long way since Clinton, Richardson and that Livermore Labs fiasco, haven’t we?

BTW, with any luck the leftist 9th Circuit will reverse that judge’s decision. That in turn will allow for a quick re-instatement and thus binding national precedent by the SCOTUS, which often beats down the 9th before the ink on the former’s decisions dry.

P.S. – The trial judge to whom reference was made was nominated by President Bush.

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