Playing House

I’ve been “sitting” on one story from the Boston Glob for some time, trying to find just the right angle for it. And today they published a second story that lets me tie the two together.

Today’s story features a group of “artists” who thought it would be fascinating to “live at the mall.” So they walled off a corner of a parking garage and made a little apartment, then moved in.

They just didn’t bother to inform the mall, let alone ask permission.

While I have a bit of a creative bent, I don’t consider myself an “artist,” and I just don’t get the whole artist mentality. It seems that some artists think that their muse, their art, their need to express themselves transcends the laws that us non-artistic folk have to live by.

And now for the really, really fun story.

A little while ago the Boston Globe published a heart-warming story, especially in light of the housing market’s current status. They found a group of people who are buying homes, keeping them up, and keeping up on their payments.

Illegal aliens.

The Globe went to great lengths to reassure their readers that no laws are being broken by these illegal aliens buying homes. The banks discharged all their legal obligations when they issued the mortgages, and they did absolutely nothing wrong.

I’m no lawyer, so I’ll take their word for it. But I will bring up one point:

Did the banks fulfill their obligations to their stockholders?

These bank officers signed loans for 20 to 30 years with people who — at any instant — can be arrested and shipped out of the country. They literally have a Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, and any banker who thinks that a deported illegal alien is likely to keep up their mortgage payments is crazy. (Happy now, ‘”smartguy?”)

At that point, the bank gets to repossess the house (as nicely as it has been kept up), and then unload it again. And that never makes the bank looks good.

It’s all part of the Globe’s agenda, though. They are bound and determined to blur the lines between legal and illegal aliens, conflating those who follow the rules and obey the laws with those who break the laws and “cut” to the head of the line. I don’t quite understand it, but that seems to be their goal.

And a loathsome one it is.

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