If You Want to Tell Me How To Blog, Put Me On Your Payroll

There is a common tactic of liberal trolls that I’ve ignored for years but I’ve finally had enough of.

Some troll will get in the comments section and whine that I they didn’t like the way I wrote something. They can’t refute what I’ve just said so they whine…

You’ve seen the examples, some liberal idiot will whine that a conservative blogger is quoting a Mark Steyn column when they should be quoting Maureen Dowd or something. (If I wanted to do that, I’d be a liberal blogger)

-Now don’t get me wrong.- This is not legitimate debate. In fact, it is the oppsite.

It’s not like they are correcting a point of fact or even challenging a dubious conclusion. Basically they are whining. OFTEN there is an undercurrent of an accusation of dishonesty. “Well, you didn’t say blah blah blah” when in reality the thing they complain I did not mention is meaningless or even demonstrably false. — It’s not about honest debate it about casting aspersions.

I’m specifically not mentioning names in this post (in case you missed that) but I’ll give you a hypothetical. After a global warming post, some moron will say:

“Paul, you failed to mention that there is a scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming.”

That’s not about debate. That is, in fact, an effort to stifle debate. The Global Warming Gods have spoken and I’m not supposed to question them. — With the underlining accusation that I’m lying to my readers.

In the past, I’ve chuckled about these comments because they mean people don’t have anything legitimate to complain about. That time has passed.

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I was a “full time” blogger for a long time. Like many before me, time restraints and burnout caught up to me. As such, I’ve been Wizbang’s “12th man” for some time. This summer, with all the regulars busy, I started blogging a bit more to fill the gaps. — And somewhere along the way, while it started as a sense of obligation, I did start enjoying blogging again. (which actually surprised me) — But I don’t enjoy this nonsense. — So it comes to an end.

Kevin pays me exactly zero to blog for him. (And I’m worth every penny.) So if I’m not enjoying it, there is no point. If you’re a liberal and would actually like to discuss things, you’re more than welcome to join us in the comment section. I would enjoy that. Many bloggers almost never go into the comment section. I think that is “wrong.” I consciously try make time to hang out in comments.

So here is the bottom line: From this point forward, if you’re a hopeless troll who only wants to tell me how to blog and/or cast (intellectually dishonest) aspersions on my efforts, you’re either going to have to hold your tongue or put me on your payroll.

(Before there is any confusion, read my first comment below, it’s really sort of a postscript to this post. )

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