Bloodbath in Burma?

While most contact with the outside world has been cut off in Burma (or “Myanmar,” as renamed by the ruling military junta), scattered reports indicate human carnage which could approach the scale of the 1988 atrocities, where over 3000 were killed as the junta “cracked down” on democracy advocates.

Marcus Oscarsson relates reports in the Daily Mail that the deaths may come into “several thousands,” including hundreds of Buddhist monks who were arrested, executed, and dumped in the jungle.

Meanwhile, the junta is still putting off meeting with the UN envoy, according to the Associated Press.

Filming his new Rambo movie in the border areas, Sylvester Stallone’s crew was fired upon, and saw victims of atrocities, which was even before the worst of the crackdown began, as reported by The Press Association (UK).

Only one country in the world has enough influence over the junta to have stopped the bloody repression: China. For whatever reason – perhaps the Chinese enjoy having what amounts to a client state – they have not, and will not. The UN is as useless as ever – there being no substantial amounts to steal readily available – and their special envoy is ordered to an “international conference” hundreds of miles from the remote capital, and promised an audience tomorrow.

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