Yet More Bad News For Democrats

More good news from Iraq…. The Al Qaeda Ramadan offensive hasn’t lived up to the billing.

Ramadan violence falls in Iraq

VIOLENCE in Iraq during Ramadan has fallen by almost 40 per cent from last year, the US military said overnight, despite a warning from al-Qaeda it would increase attacks during the Muslim holy month.

US military spokesman Rear Admiral Mark Fox said a “surge” of 30,000 extra troops into Iraq this year and the new tactic of moving soldiers into small combat outposts instead of “commuting to the war” from large bases had helped bring down violence.

“We are substantially below last year’s level. As a matter of fact, in comparison to this time last year, about 38 per cent lower in terms of Ramadan violence levels,” he said, adding that overall levels were still too high.

Al-Qaeda said at the start of Ramadan, more than two weeks ago, it would escalate attacks and would target tribal leaders cooperating with security forces.

On the other side of the COIN it appears al-Qaeda has begun targeting mid-level officials lately. (area Police Chiefs etc) It’s getting harder and harder for them to slaughter civilians so they have tried a new tactic.

The impressive part however is that the MNFs noticed this trend is just 48 hours and have worked hard to put an end it it. That’s the best news of all. Because as many of said of counter insurgency, “Whoever learns faster wins.”

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