Harry Reid Steps In It

Harry Ried officially bit off more than he can chew. He went after Rush Limbaugh saying he insulted the troops with his “phony soldiers” comments. That was a tactical mistake.

Reid has a long and storied history of insulting our troops, their commanders and being a lapdog of the anti-war left. His claims of support now don’t ring true compared to past words and deeds.

Reid said the surge had failed and our troops had lost in Iraq. He said that by the way, before the surge even started. Reid called General Petraeus a liar. Which was very interesting considering he refused to meet with Petraeus for briefings on Iraq.

Harry Reid (the slimebag) himself supported the Moveon.org “Betray Us” ad.

When the anti-war left tells Reid to jump he asks, “How high?”.

Reid even tried to cut funding for the troops he now claims he supports.

He claimed he supported the Moveon.org ad because it was “Free Speech”. Reid believes in free speech so much He wants bloggers to be required to register with the Federal Government.

Ried is a Grade A Left-Wing Moonbat.

With all the other good news coming out of Iraq this month (see below) Reid has to change the subject. So he introduced a bill condemning Limbaugh in the Senate. Big mistake. The movone.org ad backfired on Democrats and so will this. The problem is Rush’s comments where not egregious in any way. In fact, two days before Rush made his comments, ABC News used the same language and the same context to report on the Department of Justice crackdown called Operation Stolen Valor. — As many people on the right know, there is a growing problem of “Phony Heroes.” (Surprise! The Left has no idea what is important to our military!)

Adding to the Democrat’s problem, the GOP has offered a resolution is support of Limbaugh, something nobody on the left could do with the moveon.org ad.

Mediamorons.org, the lefty freaks who started this are already hurting for the smackdown they got from Bill O’Reilly and FoxNews earlier this week from that phony controversy. They are now getting attention they don’t want. And they are bringing Reid down with them.

Limbaugh, ever the showman and considerably smarter than the Democrats in the Senate, has issued an apology to the troops On behalf of Media Morons.org and Defeatist Democrats everywhere.

The last reason this will backfire for the Democrats, is now million of people will learn about anti-war poster child Jesse Macbeth and the embarrassment he was for the Democrats.

Two weeks from now Harry Reid and the Democrats in the Senate will be wishing this whole thing never happened and Rush’s only regret is that it didn’t happen during sweeps week.

For comparison, here is the ABC report 2 days BEFORE Rush’s comments.

And Rush’s comments

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