Rush Limbaugh 1, Media Matters 0

Several prominent Democrats, including Senators John Kerry and Jim Webb, have condemned Rush Limbaugh for a comment he made on his radio show about “phony soldiers.” The leftist website Media Matters got the flap started. Interestingly, according to Limbaugh, not a single media person or representative of any of the Democrats’ offices called him to ask about the Media Matters report.

Let Limbaugh defend himself:

UPDATE: Media Matters and its leftist drones are now claiming the edited-out portion of Limbaugh’s conversation replayed in the video indicate he was talking about all antiwar active duty troops, and not just those proven fakes. The transcript of the omitted exchange, though – which I reproduced from the Media Matters site – shows nothing of the sort. It was edited out because, in fact, it had nothing at all to do with “phony soldiers,” but was the continuation of what the caller wished to discuss. I invite any of those making the claim to point out which part of the transcript they are basing their opinions upon.

Reader HughS also sends along a link detailing the people and money behind Media Matters, and their connections to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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