Liz going for #9

Movie star and pop icon Elizabeth Taylor may be about to tie the knot for the ninth time, says This Is London:

For her companion this evening is a handsome and smart-suited black man who the 75-year-old screen legend has let it be known is about to become her ninth bridegroom (she married Burton twice).

Aware that all eyes are on them, the actress spends the evening gently caressing the face of millionaire businessman Jason Winters, who – at 47 – is 28 years her junior, and studiously ignoring the Polynesian fire-eaters he has hired to entertain them while they dine on caviar and local fish.

And if this very public display of amore is not enough, the two-times Oscar-winner has even felt moved to contact Liz Smith, New York’s most celebrated gossip columnist, this month to gush with schoolgirl excitement about her intended.

“Jason Winters is one of the most wonderful men I’ve ever known and that’s why I love him,” she trilled. “He bought us a beautiful house in Hawaii and we visit it as often as possible.”

Read the entire article at the above link. Liz Taylor almost single-handedly created the supermarket tabloid industry. In the 1960s, she was THE celebrity of interest, and her romances, marriages, and divorces provided ample fodder for the “inquiring minds” of the era.

Taylor is one of the few artists whose celebrity transcended their work. A truly fine actress, her beauty, talent, and wide appeal fueled an obsessive public interest in her private life.

I remember Joan Rivers’ monologue in one of her first guest-hosting appearances on The Tonight Show:

I was in the supermarket, and saw the headline on the tabloid: “LIZ LOVES DICK!” in huge letters. I said to myself, “This isn’t news. Everybody knows Liz loves Dick. Richard Burton knows Liz loves Dick, Nicky Hilton knows Liz loves Dick, Eddie Fisher knows Liz loves Dick . . .”

And now she goes for nine. Eat your heart out, Mickey Rooney!

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