Big Brother Is Watching Out For You

I’m no big fan of government surveillance as a general rule (I think that “red light cameras are highly improper, and ought to be illegal, for example), but I’m starting to see that there are times when such things are very valuable.

Dashboard cameras in police cars, for example. I think that police officers have no “right to privacy” when they are on duty and carrying out their jobs. We’re paying them, they’re acting in our names, we have a right to see just what they do and how they do it.

And then we have this.

In the Bad Old Days, the Soviet Union had its Iron Curtain to hide behind, to conceal its heinous crimes against its captive peoples. There are a lot of strange things we don’t know about going on in Communist China, but thanks to Google Earth, we know that they have built a building in the shape of an aircraft carrier on a pond, and recreated the terrain of a portion of a disputed border.

We tore down the Iron Curtain. Now technology is helping us go after the Bamboo Curtain.

Sunlight is, indeed, the great disinfectant. And these eyes in the sky are shining the light on all sorts of things dictators would like to keep dark.

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