Nonsense of the Senate

The United States Senate passed the Biden-Brownback resolution advocating a partition of Iraq with semi-autonomous regions. Their stupidity is exceeded only by their arrogance. Anne Flaherty reports for the Associated Press:

The Senate passed a resolution Wednesday suggesting Baghdad limit the power of its federal government and give more control to Iraq’s ethnically divided regions.

The 75-23 vote marked the first agreement on Iraq among lawmakers in months, although it would have little practical effect. Republicans agreed to swing behind the nonbinding measure after it was amended to make clear that Bush should press for a new federalized system only if the Iraqis want it.

Still, the resolution underscores a bipartisan longing in Congress for a fresh diplomatic approach in Iraq. It also was a victory for presidential hopeful Sen. Joseph Biden, D-Del., a primary sponsor of the resolution along with Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan.

Biden advocates establishing a power-sharing agreement among ethnic factions similar to the one established in Bosnia in the 1990s. The U.S. has focused too much on trying to prop up a strong, central unified government in Baghdad, he said.

Read the whole story at the link provided above. The Senate would have better spent their time in recommending the creation of a Ministry of Silly Walks – at least we would have had a chuckle over that one, which is more than we gain from the resolution passed.

How Rare Is A Meaningful Day In Washington? Let me count the ways:

  1. The Senate lacks any authority over the details of our foreign policy. They could refuse funding for certain things, but chose not to take the only course which might actually have an effect. Instead, they pass a “Sense of the Senate” resolution, which the President is fully free to ignore, and will. Meanwhile, of the 12 budget authorization bills they need to pass before Monday, they have passed . . . None. Not a single one. Nice work, Bozos!
  2. A “Sense of the Senate” resolution would carry far more weight if the Senate exhibited more sense.
  3. As the Administration has already voiced its opposition, the resolution will be received by the White House, given full due consideration, and placed in the nearest trash receptacle.
  4. Their resolution proposes to enforce a political solution on a sovereign nation. The Iraqis are now in charge in Iraq. They don’t give a rat’s patootie what a bunch of ignorant millionaires in Washington think about their governmental structure.

Perhaps the biggest practical effect of this futile gesture is giving a boost to Joe Biden’s campaign. He’s running for President, you know. Of the United States. No, really!

Just Dumb Enough
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