It's hitting the fan in Burma ("Myanmar")

The military junta has apparently decided to crack down after 10 straight days of growing street protests. One thousand or more Buddhist monks have been arrested, including nearly an entire monastery, many beaten, and reports have varying numbers as being killed by the regime, which is supported by China and condemned by nearly everyone else.

The Associated Press reports on the protests, the Democratic Voice of Burma and Gateway Pundit are continually updating.

The military has entered several monasteries to arrest dissident monks, who are revered figures in Burma. They are trying to keep news of the protests from the rest of the country as unrest has centered in the larger cities of Rangoon (Yangon) and Mandalay. This ends one of two ways: either the regime is ruthless enough, as they were in 1988, to quell the movement, or the people are sufficiently incensed by the treatment of the monks and their own long wait for democracy to shut down the country, toppling the junta.

To the Chinese, without whose support the generals would have fallen long ago: “Thanks for nothing, you commie bastards.”

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