God-o-Meter for Presidential candidates?

Rudy Giuliani is being endorsed by Pete Wilson, while Hillary Clinton gets the nod from Evan Bayh and Wes Clark. But who will God vote for?

Check the God-o-Meter from Beliefnet:

The God-o-Meter (pronounced Gah-DOM-meter) scientifically measures factors such as rate of God-talk, effectiveness–saying God wants a capital gains tax cut doesn’t guarantee a high rating–and other top-secret criteria. Click a candidate’s head to get his or her latest God-o-Meter reading and blog post. And check back often. With so much happening on the campaign trail, God-o-Meter is constantly recalibrating!

The interactive “God-o-Meter” is at the link above. I know Beliefnet.com is an award-winning website, but I had never checked it out until finding the above travesty. The “God-o-Meter” is “in partnership with Time Magazine,” so I guessed it had a leftist tilt. Among the “offerings” right now on the home page:

A woman’s horses act as “shamans” . . . a “hot topic” for discussion is “Is the Republican Party racist?” . . . a feature on the atheist who “sold his soul on eBay” . . . an interview with Sinead O’Connor . . . a quiz to see how “hip” your church is . . . and, of course, the one indispensable feature of any spiritual website, the Daily Horoscope.

On the bright side, you can send a free e-Card to wish your friends a joyous Sukkot, which begins today.

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