MIT: Moonbats In Training

Pop quiz.

Let’s say you’re at Logan International Airport, the very same airport in which half of the 9-11 hijackers met on that fateful day to begin their carnage. You’re minding your own business when someone walks by holding something in their hand that looks like C4 that is hooked up to something that looks like a circuit board on the back of their hoodie by a bunch of wires. The words “Socket To Me” are written on the back of the hoodie. She’s also making a spectacle of herself while at the airport.

What would your first reaction be?

MIT’s Star Simpson did just that, for “Career Day” at school (she had been wearing the ensemble to campus for the previous few days). She was then shocked when she was promptly surrounded by airport security wielding machine guns, and then found herself in jail.

Simpson told authorities she was “surprised” she landed in jail. After all, she wrote on her Web site that she spends her free time “saving the planet from evil villains” and loves “crazy ideas.”

There is absolutely nothing artistic about scaring people in public places, even if her father, Hugh Simpson, told the Maui News in Star’s native Hawaii that he was “proud” of his daughter. Then he boasted that his daughter went to a park after she was freed on $750 bail to “stretch her arms because she had been in a small room for hours and hours.”

I hope she gets used to it because stupidity is not an excuse for criminality; an “art project” to attract prospective employers that terrorizes perfect strangers should certainly be a deterrent from Star Simpson ever landing a job.

But, apparently, MIT does not see it that way. It seems that Simpson had worn her bizarre ensemble for days before she showed up at Logan airport with it. All part of Career Day, she later told cops. No one on campus thought it prudent to tell her to take it off, especially considering that it is just days past the six-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

MIT needs to throw Star Simpson off campus because her “crazy ideas” – such as wearing a hoax device at the airport where two of the planes left on that dark morning when 3,000 people were murdered in this country – are unacceptable. Her parents, who did not react with any sort of responsibility for the actions of their daughter, should forfeit any cash they paid for her tuition thus far.

Until the schools are taken to task in this town for allowing stupidity, such as thinking a fake bomb attached to a sweatshirt is art appropriate for Career Day, hardworking people in this state will continue to pay the price for over-privileged out-of-towners to use our city as their personal playgrounds.
Of course, moonbats are sympathetic, calling her an artist, someone courageous who was just trying to take on “corrupt” politicians. They don’t seem to realize showing up at an airport with a phony bomb is asking for trouble, especially when you are trying to draw attention to yourself.

Could it be she was seeking publicity???

No, no, that couldn’t be it. It was just an experiment for Career Day at MIT, a school that apparently thought it ok for a girl to walk around with a phony bomb for days on end. If there’s going to be another Virginia Tech massacre, it’ll probably be at MIT if someone walking around with a phony bomb on their back raises no eyebrows and causes no alarms.

And how did moonbats respond to Michele McPhee’s column in the Boston Herald exposing the attention whore for what she is?

  • Your just jealous because she has brains and you dont!
  • What is with editorialist reporter? Does she want to lick every cops buttons clean while she’s foaming at the mouth with her populist pap. I want to know if anyone has ever seen her and Ed Anger of the Weekly World News in the same room together. If you’re ever down at the Herald or WTTK you can spot her very easily she’ll be the one wearing the Lector mask.
  • Lookit–time for the Herald to catch a clue. Nobody’s buying your inane BS. Get over yourself and try, really try and write some news. It goes like htis: who, what, when, where and why. It does not go: BECAUSE I SAID SO. Now please explain to me exactly what journalism school Herald reporters are supposed to go to: The Helen Keller School of Journalism perhaps?
  • The scariest part of this whole situation is not the teenager who did a foolish thing. It is the cops and the security forces that did not know how to react to what they thought was a threatening situation. Boston authorities have twice now demonstrated that they cannot handle the responsibility given them.
  • Only a paranoid idiot could have thought that the device looked like a bomb. The girl’s mistake was not realizing that Logan security is provided by paranoid gestapo.
  • Okay I get it. This column is performance art. You’re trying to reflect the proudly belligerent ignorance of popular American thought. By pretending to be a shrill, reactionary moron and pretending you advocate the shooting death of this woman, you’re subtly subverting the raw paranoid hysteria that gave us incidents like this, and the Mooninite fiasco. Well played, sir or madam. I almost believed you actually WERE the stupid, sheltered harpy who “wrote” this piece. Nice art project.
  • I’m getting kind of tired of the country’s most cowardly people wetting their pants and reducing our civil liberties because they’re afraid of terrorists. The best was to deal with terrorists is to get them, just like we did Osama bin Laden. Oh. That’s right, mission unaccomplished. We lose something like 50,000 people a year in traffic accidents, and the worst restrictions on our personal freedoms from that are having to pay more for safer cars and to wear seat belts. But with terrorists, instead we let the whiny namby-pambys and momma’s boys (and girls) act our their unreasonable fears and “change our world.” Cripes people, buck up and realize that the fear-mongers are doing precisely what terrorists want!
  • And on and on and on.

    It isn’t fear mongering for police to take something like this seriously. She may well have simply been a stupid kid, but what is the alternative? What if she hadn’t just been some stupid kid and really did have a bomb, but police just looked at her and thought, “Oh, that’s just some kid being stupid?”

    Simpson got into MIT, so obviously she’s an intelligent girl. I highly doubt that she had no idea what kind of reaction this would cause, and injecting fear into people just for the hell of it is inexcusable. She deserved to go to jail, and if MIT had any kind of common sense at all, they’d expel her. But, in all likelihood, she’ll return to the college as a celebrated “artist” without facing any repercussions for her actions whatsoever.

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