Sticks And Stones

There are things I just don’t get about the modern Left.

For example, their opinions on free speech.

Larry Summers lost his job as president of Harvard for saying that there might be biological differences between men and women that could explain why men do better in certain scientific areas.

Michael Richards is a walking dead man, career-wise, for using racial epithets.

As is Don Imus.

But saying that someone should not publish detailed instructions on building bombs is considered “censorship.”

Could someone kindly explain to me how someone saying “nigger” or “spic” or “kike” or “wop” or “ho” or “chink” is far more dangerous than “To make one of these quickly, take some large diameter oil casing, I’m thinking 14 inch here and cut out a section the lenght (sic) you need and take a segment a bit larger than the width that you need?”

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