BREAKING NEWS: Giuliani Conspiracy Exposed on Wizbang Blue

We have breaking news from the insane morons crack research staff at Wizbang Blue. They have uncovered a conspiracy… And not any conspiracy mind you but an evil twisted conspiracy by the likes of Rudy Giuliani to -GASP- remind people he has a family.

That’s right, Rudy is soooo eeevil that he staged that embarrassing phone call from his wife at the NRA convention just to prove he had a wife! — Oh, the humanity!

So says the insane moron crack researcher Larkin at Wizbang Blue:

It’s pathetic that Giuliani feels he has to stage these absurd fake phone calls in order to prove to Republican primary voters that he is dedicated to his wife. It’s even more pathetic that the Republican base puts such importance on a candidate’s family when everything they know about that subject is carefully filtered, controlled and presented by the campaigns themselves and might have absolutely no relation to reality.

Maybe the insane moron crack researcher missed the response from the “Republican base”.

Other than an unusual amount of crack cocaine, why does the insane moron crack researcher think it was staged? See if you can spot it:

It’s obvious of course… Rudy knew who it was before he even took the phone out of his pocket. IT’S PROOF!

Of course the fact that it was a lucky guess or that Rudy probably (like millions of other busy people) has a distinctive ring set up for his wife’s phone never occurred to the conspiracy kook.

BTW you’d think Larkin would have learned his lesson when his grand conspiracy last week blew up in his face.

Is the left so insane that even a simple phone call is now proof a grand conspiracy? It’s amazing. to pay full price for NYT ad
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