BDS – The Obsession and the LefTrolls

Neither President Bush nor Vice-President Cheney are running for any office next fall; indeed no one in the Bush White House has expressed a desire to be the nation’s next President or a Senator or Congressman. Yet the leading Democrats are all running against President Bush, as if he were the GOP’s nominee. Hillary Clinton leads the pack, and acts as if it were the 2004 election again, not 2008.

And the Left’s mob of frenzied trolls shows the same confused devotion to the President. One recent example is the protest against the tasering of a Leftist student who disrupted an appearance by Senator Kerry. A student newspaper, after weighing all the evidence and considering the circumstances, chose to reference the event with a profane insult directed at President Bush.

Should we even mention the continued 24/7 obsession with President Bush at the Daily Kos (literally millions of references and counting) and (will they get mad if I say ‘ditto‘ to the previous mention about millions of references? Probably, they get mad a lot these days)? Somewhere, even Alex Forrest is thinking these people are a bit over the top.

Back in 2003, Dr, Charles Krauthammer, a psychologist and graduate of the Harvard Medical School, came up with the term, ‘Bush Derangement Syndrome’. Dr. Krauthammer’s name for the disorder is much more clinical than the one I proposed a little later, the Aluminati, and addresses the demographic as a whole while I referenced the political aspects alone, but you get the idea, I think. What I referenced as a “cottage industry” for the Left, though, has now become mainstream and a full-blown compulsion.

But the clock is running, and surely even the tightest strait-coat Liberal has realized that he will have to get used to a world without Dubya to hate? Well, maybe not. I can just see these chuckleheads trying to impeach President Bush retroactively, or else demanding we dig up Saddam’s rotted corpse and apologize to it for deposing the dictator. Or maybe this is some weird plan to run against a man who is not even running, so that when the Republican wins the White House again the Donk candidate can scream ‘Not fair! I was campaigning against Bush, so you have to run him! Shewt, they’re so detached from Reality, I wouldn’t be surprised if Shrewery and Obambi were counting on winning all the Electoral Votes from “Second Life“. But I do wonder about what will happen, when all these trolls suddenly find themselves without a target for their venom and spittle? Will they then look in the mirror, realize that the opposite sex has a thing for hygiene and people whose education reached a double-digit grade level, and that the key to financial success is hard work and personal diligence? No, that seems to be largely a Conservative epiphany, more’s the pity. The worst of them will probably prove short-lived contestants in the Darwin Awards competition, but while we can hope that some of the rest may finally follow through on old promises and clear out, I am afraid that the majority will simply find new mischief. Anyone named “Bush” is likely to be stalked and verbally molested, and Rudy or Romney may well find media types referring to them as “Mister Bush” for a while. A certain amount of demented gibbering must also be expected, but as all communications from the LefTrolls have been like that, only normal precautions need to be taken; hand sanitizers in case of physical contact and the exclusion of CNN or CBS news from available television channels; let the V-Chip protect the kids. In the event that – as they often do – the LefTrolls take their cue from Hollywood and the video games, uninfected people should be safe as long as they stay away from the West Coast and areas known to be frequented by Al Sharpton and/or John Kerry.

No one knows for sure what the exit of President Bush will do to the LefTrolls, but it is clear that as he is their reason for being, their focus of identity, the chaos which ensues after his departure back to private life will be devastating.

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