DailyKos: How to Build an IED 101

First of all, remember that we are never, ever to question their patriotism.

DailyKos diarist boilerman10 has posted a new diary explaining how to build an IED (the actual information on how to make an IED will not be reproduced here):

Now, what is the I.E.D.? Improvised explosive devices of the type generally spoken of in the news stories are usually a charge of RDX or other easy to handle and mold plastic explosive arranged in one of three general ways. As either a bomb proper for explosive effect, perhaps containing scraps of metal for shrapnel effect as well, or as a Claymore type device to spew shrapnel in a specific direction, or as a shaped charge device for highly localized explosive effect against heavy structures, vehicles, or other hard cased target.

The so-called “sophisticated” IED the press gets all foamy about is the shaped charge device. Making one of these is so easy a cave man can do it. There are two basic forms: 1, rectagular; and 2, circular. Circular is more common. The rectangular form is sometimes used for explosive cutting of heavy plate steel, or rock slab shearing. It is very effective for linear splitting and cutting. To make one of these quickly…

Now before anyone worries that we are conducting bomb making class for Kossacks please be aware that anyone STUPID enough to try this at home deserves fully what the government will do to them! The diary is illustrative of how simple it is to make horrifying devices it is not for backyard “enthusiasts” nor for any other purpose beyond illustrating the simplicity of IED making!
Yes, he is simply trying to illustrate how easy it is to make the horrifying device, but he urges that no one actually make any. I guess if someone reads the diary who might have been contemplating setting one off, the fact that Boilerman10 said you shouldn’t will stop them in their tracks!

He also whines that monitoring Iran is just an excuse for Bush to attack Iran, that innocent country that would never help arm insurgents in Iraq that are fighting our soldiers. Iran would never want to cause harm to us, the United States, the Great Satan!

In any case, this isn’t exactly new territory (Bowling for Columbine, anyone?), but all the same, it’s usually liberals that don’t seem to have a problem with making information like this — you know, the kind that can cause death, destruction, and mayhem — more easily available for terrorists and murderers.

Hat Tip: Hot Air

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