U.S., France agree on Iran sanctions

Isn’t it odd that even as the French return to Earth orbit in their geopolitical approach and seek to once again work as an ally of the United States, our own Democratic Party gets ever more . . . what’s French for “moonbatty,” anyway? CBC News reports:

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner spoke Friday of a common front against Iran’s nuclear program that included support for new sanctions against Tehran.

During a joint press conference with Kouchner in Washington, Rice said the United States and France agree on how to pressure Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions.

“I think that there’s, essentially, no difference in the way that we see the situation in Iran and what the international community must do,” Rice told reporters.

Read the whole story at the link above. Welcome back to the Free World, mon ami! I look forward to enjoying your wines and cheeses and, of course, fries again immediately!

Since our leftists are slaves to Euro-trends, no doubt they will be popping the Dom Pérignon and lifting a glass to President Bush by late next year (they are notoriously slow on the uptake, of course).

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