Obligatory K-Ville Post

I’ve now had 3 Wizbang readers now ask me about K-Ville. I had to confess, I had not watched it. And I didn’t because I knew before I even saw a single clip from it that it would be a lot like this. — It looks like I was right in my assumption.

It does sound like they are trying and it has potential… but for the record folks, I’ve lived here 40 years and I’ve never known anyone who went to a voodoo priestess. Sorry to disappoint; that’s there for the tourists.

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Although I will note that Josh missed my favorite New Orleans film geography blunder. In “Live and Let Die”, the speedboat launches from West End Marina in New Orleans, jumps a car and magically lands in Houma… 100 miles away. (I think it was Houma, I forget now)

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