Last Call: Who Will Have the Biggest Impact on the '08 Elections?

Note: I asked this question Sunday morning, but it was a slow Sunday and the comments weren’t working right so I’ll give everyone one last shot… BTW nobody got it right last time which is one of the reasons I extended it.

Here’s your [very last] chance to prove you’ve been paying attention.

Who will have the biggest impact on the 2008 elections? Will the nation go gaga over Hillarycare 2.0 and sweep Marxists into office everywhere?

Will Rudy bring the country together and bring more centrist Republicans to Washington?

What about Newt? Will he run and give CPR to the conservative movement?

AND it doesn’t have to be a candidate… Will Bush’s shadow be have the largest effect on the outcome? That’s happened more times than it has not in recent history. — What if Gore convinces the world his scam is true and people vote the “Greenest” candidates?

AND it doesn’t even need to be a pol. Will some enterprising reporter find dirt on the leading Republican or Democrat and sway the whole election? What about a lowly blogger with a bit of cell phone video?

AND widening this thing out, it doesn’t have to be a person, exactly. We can already make the case YouTube will change the outcome more than any one candidate.

Even with all the options I have given you, the answer is perfectly clear and undeniable if you’ve been paying attention.

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