More Evidence the Surge is Working

It’s only one signpost but still it’s nice to hear,,,

Empty wards in Baghdad hospital offer hope

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A row of beds lies empty in the emergency ward of Baghdad’s Yarmouk Hospital. The morgue, which once overflowed with corpses, is barely a quarter full.

Doctors at the hospital, a barometer of bloodshed in the Iraqi capital, say there has been a sharp fall in victims of violence admitted during a seven-month security campaign.

Last month the fall was particularly dramatic, with 70 percent fewer bodies and half the number of wounded brought in compared to July, hospital director Haqi Ismail said.

“The major incidents, like explosions and car bombs, sometimes reached six or seven a day. Now it’s more like one or two a week,” he told Reuters.

The relative calm at the Yarmouk hospital lends weight to U.S. and Iraqi government assertions that a security campaign launched around Baghdad in February has achieved results.

In one emergency ward at the hospital, in a Sunni Muslim district of west Baghdad which has suffered disproportionately from sectarian conflict, just two patients were being treated. Neither showed signs of serious injury.

I wonder how Bush coerced these people to hiding the bodies when the reporters showed up? Maybe that’s where Rove went.

The truth is that the surge is working. Present tense. The future still needs to effected. Still, reports like this are great news…. Well, to most of us anyway.

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