Maybe Dumbest Thing Ever Written on the Interwebs

Idris Leppla breaks the news story of the year that the Naval Academy is … wait for it… part of the Navy.

Leppla managed to finish high school, and get all the way to her senior year at Barnard (which is the woman’s wing of Columbia) and never figure this out; until her bother went there and it took her family by surprise.

So with keyboard at the ready, she went to the interwebs exposing the, “The Truth About the Academies

I know why I chose Columbia: the campus is magnificent, the education is top-tier, and my peers are intelligent. I could look at a stranger, tell him or her that I went to Columbia, and hear the predictable, “Wow, you must be smart.” [Irony alert -ed] …

While we knew that someday he would be required to serve, we also were drawn to the top-tier education he was promised to receive. We were told that the Naval Academy was first and foremost an elite college. He would be able to learn history, economics, political science, and even engineering. He would play lacrosse on a nationally ranked team and play the bugle in the marching band. He would have seminars about leadership and selflessness. He would even go to school for free.

When I talked to my brother about why he wanted to go, he admitted that it was because he was drawn to the structure of the place–as a kid who did not want to sit around and drink beer during college, he liked the fact that he would be busy and have a purpose. I soon became comfortable with the idea of the academy, as if it would be a haven for my brother’s undergraduate career. And when people would congratulate me on my brother’s decision, it made me feel reassured.

Soon that pride turned to anger and fear: after my mom dropped him off at Annapolis, she came home with an acute sense of grief. The only thing she could talk about was how to get him out. In addition to missing his presence at home, she was scared by the extent to which her son had suddenly become the property of the U.S. Navy.

She begged me to call a naval lieutenant Monday morning to start the out-processing forms for my brother. After leaving countless messages for the lieutenant, he finally called me back, at which point he informed me that my brother would have to go through 13 exit-interviews to be dismissed, including an interview with the head of the Navy. When I asked him whether this might intimidate him out of leaving, the lieutenant reminded me that my brother had signed an oath legally binding him to the Navy. When I reminded the lieutenant that he had signed that oath after he had been yelled at all day and that his hair had just been shaven off during his first day there, he comforted me that John was not at all forced to sign the oath.

Can you imagine how embarrassed Midshipman Leppla must be now that this is out? That his mommy tried to get him out because the Navy was just a bunch of big meanies.

Really, are these people so clueless they don’t understand the military academies are run by the military? Do they think officers in the military get ordained, that they don’t have to earn it?

And I won’t even get into the abject condescension her and her mother displayed. Capt. Ed says everything I’d say plus some more so just go read it there.

UPDATE From the “Oh Dear God Help Us Department” for some reason I did not notice she is a senior in POLITICAL SCIENCE… sigh… Next year she’ll be a staffer in some liberal Congressman’s office and she’ll be considered by her peers an expert on the military because he brother is in the Navy. We all knew liberals said such dumb things about the military because they where clueless… tonight we just had it confirmed. YIKES!

But a personal note in the extended section:

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Idris Leppla, if you ever read this, stop thinking of your little brother as a stupid kid who doesn’t know what is best for him. I know in that liberal infested swamp you go to you’re taught that you know what’s best for people. Grow up and smell the coffee; you don’t.

You’re brother is a big boy and rather than embarrass him, you should respect his decision but more importantly Idris, you should respect HIM. He’s not your little bother any more, he’s a man. He’s a man who is doing more for his country than … well let’s just say he’s doing more for his country than most of the people you hung out with at Columbia today.

Instead of disparaging his mental ability to make life decisions.. Thank him.

Thank him for serving his country when so many would prefer us fail. And when you thank him Idris … tell him that comes from me too.

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