Coming Soon To A Theater Near You…

From “Your 15 Minutes Are Up” Studios, comes a love story for the ages.

She’s a grieving mother on a crazed quest.

He’s a disgraced former star athlete.

When Ms. Absolute Moral Authority meets Mr. Absolutely Innocent, the sparks fly.



“Cindy, I’ve got to find the real killers — and before my tee time!”

“OJ, the real killer is in Washington — or maybe Crawford. That’s why I’ve got to move to San Francisco and run for Congress!”

The sexual chemistry is thick between these two, you can cut it with a commando knife.

“OJ, come with me into this ditch!”

“I can’t, Cindy, I have arthritis!”

He had killed the woman he loved, so he turned to a woman he knew he could never love, and could never love anyone.

She couldn’t bring herself to blame those who actually killed her son, so she turned to the only man she could find… someone who could never accept blame for killing someone else’s son.

Also starring Paris Hilton as George W. Bush (“Being the decider is hot!”) and Kevin Federline as Johnny Cochran — “Not even Hell could keep me from defending this man!”

This film has been rated N for nauseating. No one at all admitted.

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This is what happens when I see Paul’s story on OJ and start thinking “why the hell can’t he just go away?” From there, it’s just a short step to other people I’d like to see just go away, too…

"It's Broke, So Let's Break It Some More!"
O.J Arrested in Vegas