That's Not A Bug, That's A Feature!

Today’s Boston Globe has a story about a rise in a certain type of crime in Maine. With the increase in recycling, more and more thieves are targeting copper — including copper wiring in power stations.

This has officials concerned, as stealing copper from power companies can be very dangerous.

My first thought was “big deal.” Simple Darwinism in action. Dumb thieves get themselves rendered extra-crispy? Cry me a river.

But then I thought about it some more. Dumb dead thieves are a burden. They involve a lot of paperwork, and SOMEONE has to get stuck cleaning up the mess.

So I think getting the word out is a good idea. Copper conducts electricity real well, and that’s why utilities use it. That means that the stuff you’re trying to steal very well might be live.

And wouldn’t that be a revolting development.

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