O. J. Simpson Reduced to Common Burglar?


This seems bizarre, even for a double murderer.

O.J. Simpson Questioned In Connection With Casino Burglary

LAS VEGAS — NBC5 has learned that Las Vegas police are questioning O.J. Simpson Friday morning in connection with a burglary.

The Las Vegas NBC affiliate confirmed that Simpson is accused of breaking into a room at the Palace Station Casino sometime Thursday.

Police confirmed that they are questioning Simpson and several other people.

No other details were available early Friday.

Insert your own “looking for the real killer” joke here.

Update: TMZ has the details of the robbery. It seems Simpson (and crew) were attempting to heist some Simpson memorabilia from Alfred Beardsley, a memorabilia dealer.

Update 2: Oh Damn It looks like he might have a point on this one. I was hoping for karmic justice to produce jail time but it might not work out that way. If O.J. is telling the truth, and it sorta looks like he is, then we’ll just have to wait for him to screw up again. Crap.

Update 3 Now supposedly there where guns drawn… we clearly haven’t heard the final version of this story. Now would be a good time to remember the 48 hour rule.

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