Hsu Strings II

Hsu Strings A roundup of Hsu related news that’s not quite worth making a full post about.

  • The Judge in Colorado set the bond for Hsu -a known flight risk- at $5 million when he has $6 million in the back. What could possibly go wrong here?
  • The TV nets are slowly finding their way to the story. Baby steps. Baby steps. After all, it’s only $73 million dollars.
  • Meanwhile the Chicago Daily Herald got destroyed by one of their readers. That stung.
  • There is a scandal within a scandal growing concerning how Hsu got so close to Hillary (a Secret Service protectee) yet the Secret Service never did a background check on him. If you remember your Clinton scandals, (and there where so many, you’re forgiven if you forget one) Team Clinton stonewalled getting Whitehouse staffers their background checks and security clearances for the first few YEARS in office. Perhaps this was by design?
  • Hsu says Obama dropped a dime on his ass to the WSJ. Doubtful but boring either way.
  • A catfight within the Shillary campaign? How would anyone tell?

Till next time.

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