Vietnam War Veterans Memorial Defaced

This is stomach wrenching. My uncle and my husband’s uncle both have friends whose names are engraved on that memorial. Now, it looks as if it’s been permanently defaced.


From Redstate:

I spoke to a National Park Service employee who was livid that someone would vandalize the memorial. “It’s like defacing a grave,” he told me. When I asked if there were any clues as to who was responsible, he told me videotape was being reviewed. It is believed the damage was done on Friday night. Because the monument never closes, it could have taken place late in the evening when no one was around.

The most tragic part of the vandalism is that the damage appears to be permanent. The Park Service employee who talked to me said that the initial diagnosis was that the oily substance had stained the stone. He said another analysis would take place tomorrow.

At a time when America is particularly sentimental about the men and women who have given their lives for our country, this is a sad and unfortunate act. The coward who did it should be ashamed.

Michelle Malkin has much more, including video of the vandalism.

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