Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was an exercise in potty humor, something I’m well qualified to officiate over. Speaking of craptacular, Britney Spears made her big comeback at the MTV Video Music Awards, and it was even worse than you could imagine. Fortunately the incriminating video evidence is on display at Wizbang Pop! Now back to the contest… The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

As part of a promotion by Denver Water to promote awareness of fixing running toilets, a running toilet is tackled by an unidentified security man during the fourth quarter of Colorado's 31-28 overtime victory over Colorado State in a football game in Denver on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2007. Denver Water is sponsoring several promotions around the city to promote water conservation. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Candy) – “Somebody stop him before the sh*t hits a fan!

2) (Abigail) – “Joe, the lowest man on the security force totem pole, wondered angrily to himself why he was always the one catching the sh*t around here.

3) (DJ Drummond) – “If you don’t jiggle the handle, the toilet will run all day!

4) (ijosha) – “Now THAT’s gonna leave a mark!

5) (Synonymous2Anonymous) – “The Mummenschanz half-time tribute to Larry Craig goes horribly awry.

6) (914) – “Now that’s what I call being flushed out of the pocket!

The Readers Choice Award this week went to Candy’s winning entry. The highest rated caption not mentioned above was:

(Senor Cardgage) – “A flag is down; the play is called for unnecessary roughage.

That’s all for this edition of the contest. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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