David Schippers Tells of Burglary Similar to Kathleen Willey's

David Schippers tells World Net Daily that the manuscript for his book was stolen from his home, similar to Kathleen Wiley’s experience.

After reading WND’s report of Kathleen Willey’s stolen manuscript, David Schippers – the chief counsel for the 1998 impeachment trial of President Clinton – told Willey he had a remarkably similar experience prior to publication of his best-selling book and believes the Clintons also were behind it.

During the writing of “Sellout: The Inside Story of President Clinton’s Impeachment” in the spring of 2000, an intruder came into his suburban Chicago home at least four times while his wife was alone upstairs, Schippers told WND in a phone interview from his Chicago law office.

On the third or fourth occasion, a box of impeachment-related documents was stolen, he said.

The intrusions followed a series of claims by his wife, Jackie – who typed the manuscript from his handwritten text – that her computer was being hacked.

“My suspicion was that the Clintons, or some of their toadies, were trying to find out what we were writing before we submitted the manuscript,” Schippers said. “Nobody else would have any interest.” You would think they would have improved security after the first break in wouldn’t you? I don’t know what happened to Willey or Schippers, or who was behind it, but I do find it interesting that all these stories are beginning to surface again and wonder if it will make any difference to voters. Even if voters don’t believe the stories that were reported of Hillary directing private investigators to go after women making claims about Bill, some may just think she is too much of a target and won’t want another eight-year-long soap opera. But then again, lots of people like soap operas.

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