Iraqi Civilian Deaths Since the Start of the Surge

This is a bit of an “inside Wizbang” post. From the Petraeus testimony comes the following good news about the surge working.

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Considering the surge started to get going in December, it shows good news indeed. The insider’s part, I’ll leave in the extended section. (and I’ll add a language warning up here too)

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I warned him, I did. Last month, local troll Paul Hooson went around blabbering that the surge was failing because the civilian death count was higher for a single month. After explaining to him that a slight tick up for a single month meant nothing, he still would not drop it… After many, many go-rounds, finally, in exasperation, I gave him this warning:

Hooson, since you are too stupid to figure this out, I’ll explain it to you.

You’re pulling a Leeward and setting your self up for a colossal ass kicking. When next month civilian deaths fall, I’ll link this and make you look like the asshole you are.

Remember Leeward and the Dixie Chicks? I have a long memory and I know how to use a search tool. You’ll just make an ass out of yourself later.

But go ahead and make the case that civilian deaths are the measure by which we should judge the surge. Go ahead, set yourself for being made an ass later. I won’t stop you.

And goodness knows you’re too stupid to stop yourself.

as I predicted, he wasn’t smart enough to stop himself….

Your premise that the “surge is working” is clearly not true for Iraqi civilians, otherwise the violence against them would be decreasing, right? Only some American deaths have declined since March, right?

Hooson, I warned ya buddy, I did, I really tried to save ya, but you did it to yourself. But a promise is a promise, I gotta do it… You’re an asshole.

Look at that one single month (July) you hung your hat on. I gave you the link showing you that June showed the lowest civilian causalities in a year but you ignored that. The almighty Democrat talking point said civilian deaths where up that month and you refused to consider the Dem talking points where (gasp) bullshit.

So I guess you’re a big supporter of the surge now right?

(BTW- You’re unbanned for this one thread as calling you an asshole while you’re banned would be childish. — Besides, how can you apologize if you’re banned?)

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